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At the core of Rockcliffe is a dedication to the development of knowledge creation and the pursuit of innovation within the educational field. Membership in Rockcliffe signifies that you are serious about service to the community, professional development, and scholarly research. It highlights to employers, colleagues, and students a dedication to the pursuit of teachcraft using a balanced approach between pedagogical principles and enabling technology.

Rockcliffe members benefit by access to valuable national and international resources that help improve your ability to demonstrate professional excellencein virtual technologies and just-in-time methodologies.

Working collaboratively with a network of peers spanning a wide variety of learner types and educational disciplines, Rockcliffe membership will help transform the outcomes, reach, and effectiveness of your educational expertise. Good thinks do happen here.



Keeping Technically Current

Making time to remain technically proficient in an age of run-away innovation is one more activity in a long list of things with which educators need to keep abreast. Rockcliffe members get ahead of the curve through access to spotlight on relevant and timely topics.


Professional Networking

Strengthening relationships, raising your profile, accessing opportunities, and keeping on top of new trends in education is far more effective when you have a good network. Rockcliffe members communicate through dedicated forums, symposia, social media and other synchronous and asynchronous methods.


Continuing Education

Continuing  education contributes to better promotion opportunities, higher wages, improved marketability, increased effectiveness, and overall career satisfaction. As part of a considered life long learning plan, Rockcliffe members benefit from educational opportunities not found elsewhere.


Community & Volunteer Opportunities

Contributing to volunteer and community projects provides opportunities to solve common problems, strengthen communities, improve relationships, connect to others, and generally help to transform both our own lives and those around us. Rockcliffe members that contribute to educational community programs make a lasting impact.


Career Resources and Recognition

Recognition for contributions to service, educational, and scholarly practices requires due diligence in the collection of achievements for evaluation and review. Rockcliffe members get access to tools and techniques that contribute to successfully showcasing of all your contributions and recognitions and may serve to prepare tenure review materials or professional dossiers.


Collaborative Programs

Rockcliffe members develop opportunities to share collaborative programs and experiences around the world which include educational programs, science fair projects, exhibits, research, and more. Virtualization through immersive virtual environments allows for connections that would otherwise not be possible in a traditional classroom.

Types of Membership


Access to Rockcliffe’s monthly newsletter to keep informed on events, conferences, and education programs upcoming.


Access to community and volunteer opportunities for those that want to help out but don’t feel you need access to all the professional resources and career resources

Get a Casual Membership

Get a Social Membership


Access to Rockcliffe virtual environments and shared resources, opportunities for attending professional workshops and continuing education courses, leadership opportunities, and publication opportunities.


Access to opportunities for large collaborative projects with full access to existing resources, as well as additional discounted contract opportunities for game design or simulation development. Institutional members also get discounts for individuals who wish to become professional members.

Get a Professional Membership

Become an Institutional Member


Access as a sponsor for those who wish to promote their products and services to our membership and build direct communication lines with them. This will also include discounted rates for individuals wishing to become professional members.

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