About Us

Rockcliffe is a registered non-profit C-Corp in the United states; however, we are not a 501(c)3. Structurally, we are organized along the lines of a B-Corp. The organization is made up completely of volunteers. The entire organization is a collection of global SOHO locations tied together through a common technical infrastructure that serves as a proxy for a brick and mortar location. While the majority of our volunteers are from the United States, Rockcliffe also have volunteers based in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

No one at Rockcliffe takes a salary or is remunerated through dividends or other means. A small stipend, with a fixed maximum cap per year, is paid to specific key volunteers to help offset personal expenses that would otherwise be considered a normal cost of doing business if everyone was co-located.

Most funds received by Rockcliffe are reinvested back into technical infrastructure, educational programs, research, administrative costs (such as tax preparation), association fees, and licensing. Some funds are set aside for voluntary carbon offsets which are used to make Rockcliffe’s operations carbon neutral. Additional funds are set aside for Rockcliffe to contribute to other charitable causes, including Relay for Life, and helps to support other volunteer and community led organizations in the fields of accessibility, education, healthcare, and digital arts.

As a registered member of the Carbon Trade Exchange, Rockcliffe is committed to being a carbon neutral organization by investing in renewable energy and forestry projects, CO2 reduction, ecological preservation, and sustainable technologies.

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